MK84 wheel stand mobile CNC roll grinder


Machine tool introduction MK84 series grinding wheel stand mobile CNC roll grinder is a product of Guiyang Xianfeng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Xianfeng Machine Tool Factory) with nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing roll grinders. Based on the introduction of foreign advanced roll grinder manufacturing technology. CNC data roll grinder designed and produced in-house. It belongs to the MK84 series of products produced by Xianfeng Machine Tool Factory, which is a mobile CNC roll grinder with moderate specifications. Application field MK84 series grinding wheel stand mobile CNC roll grinder is suitable for grinding work rolls and backup rolls on rolling mills in the metallurgical industry, and work rolls and backup rolls for non-ferrous metal processing. Rolls on paper machines in the paper industry, various pressure rollers in the rubber industry, various metal and non-metal pressure rollers in the printing and dyeing industry, etc. Among them, MK8463A and MK8480A are roll grinders specially designed for high-precision grinding of work rolls in the non-ferrous metal industry. The following machining can be done on this machine: . (1). Grinding cylindrical and conical roller surfaces; (2). Grinding the roll surface of the convex and concave surfaces; (3). Grinding the surface of any curved surface. Technical Features 1. The workpiece rests on the head. The top of the tailstock is positioned and supported on the center frame, and the faceplate drives the workpiece to rotate. The faceplate is driven to rotate by the stepless variable speed AC spindle motor through the intermediate tension shaft through the three-stage pulley deceleration (triangle belt). The tailstock is equipped with an adjustment sleeve and a center; in addition, a device for detecting the workpiece pressing force and a grinding wheel dresser are also installed. Both the headstock and the tailstock are equipped with control buttons. 2. The movement of the machine tool, such as the rotation of the workpiece and the rotation of the grinding wheel, is driven by a separate Siemens AC spindle motor, and its speed can be adjusted steplessly. Machine Tool Module Design Features The AC servo motor that drives the carriage is mounted on the reduction box inside the carriage. The carriage movement pulse signalling device is also installed inside the carriage. The upper part of the pallet is equipped with a grinding wheel frame. The console, monitor and printer are equipped with CNC medium-high grinding device, dynamic and static pressure spindle bearing, and built-in grinding wheel dynamic balancing device. The grinding wheel and the grinding wheel cover are installed on the side of the grinding wheel frame. The CNC measuring device is installed on the upper part of the console. The lower part of the carriage is equipped with a guide rail static pressure and lubrication device.  

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