MK8420 Multi-roll Mill CNC Work Roll Grinder


The company has more than 1,200 employees, including more than 200 professional and technical management personnel of various types, and nearly 50 people with senior professional titles. The company has established a "technical center" recognized at the provincial level in Guizhou, and has undertaken and completed a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, cultivated a large number of professional and technical personnel, and formed a product scientific research team with a reasonable age structure and knowledge structure. and development team. At the same time, a "Vocational Technical College" and a "Vocational Skills Appraisal Institution" have been established, focusing on cultivating high-level skilled talents. The company has more than 400 sets including Swiss CNC precision cylindrical grinder, Japan Toshiba CNC precision boring machine, CNC machining center, CNC worm mill, resin sand molding and blank casting production lines with an annual output of 10,000 tons of castings, dual-frequency laser interferometer, three-coordinate A batch of process equipment and complete supporting testing equipment such as machine, roundness meter, etc., and a modern design and information management network system such as CAD/CAPP/PDM has been established. A complete system of required process equipment and services.

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