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  We always believe that human resources are the first resource, and we believe in the values ​​of people-oriented and serving the society. Excellent talents are the cornerstone of career development; implement talent strategy, establish a team of high-quality talents with dedication, unity and innovation, promote the construction of two civilizations of enterprises, and provide reliable human resource guarantee for the development of enterprises.

  Strategic Planning

  1. Strive to cultivate a team of business management personnel with strategic thinking ability and modern enterprise management level, with pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility. Ensure that business management is efficient, scientific, and harmonious.

  2. Strive to cultivate a team of professional and technical personnel with innovative spirit and high level, enhance the independent innovation capability of the company, and ensure that the company's products maintain a leading edge in technology.

  3. Strive to build a team of high-level, disciplined and skilled technicians to ensure product quality.

  Strategic implementation

  1. Recognize talents: Recruit all kinds of excellent management talents, technicians and skilled workers fairly and fairly through various channels such as network, manpower market and social relationship recommendation. Pay attention to identifying talents in practical work.

  2. Yucai: The internal training of the company is to improve the staff's job skills, recognize the company's corporate culture, and create the necessary means for high-quality employees who meet the requirements of the company. It is necessary to continuously improve the overall quality of employees through training. We must pay attention to practice tempering, high standards, strict requirements, and train all kinds of talents.

  3, use talent: to provide employees with a platform to display their talents, people do their best, so that employees and enterprises grow up simultaneously.

  4. Jucai: Adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, establish a management system, incentive mechanism, and distribution system for outstanding talents, attract talents, retain talents, and truly talented people with the development of the cause, generous treatment, and human management. Become the main force in the company's development!

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