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  I. Introduction

  The dangerous peak machine tool technology center is a product research and development institution established by the enterprise. It is the core of enterprise technology innovation and relies on technological progress and plays an important role in the development of the enterprise. The Center always adheres to the guiding ideology of science and technology as the primary productive force, strives to practice the scientific concept of development, and ensures sustainable development with technological innovation; adheres to the principle of “specialization, specialization, new development, strict management, reputation creation, brand creation, and customer satisfaction. The quality policy of "the purpose"; insist on putting the demand for scientific and technological productivity in the product market in the first place, tracking the technical development of the industry and formulating a long-term strategic plan for technological innovation, clarifying the important position and central task of the technology center in the organizational structure of the enterprise, and improving the technology. The main responsibility of the center. By formulating the medium and long-term strategic development direction of the technology center and the recent key technology research and development goals, relying on scientific and technological progress to continuously improve the independent innovation capability of the enterprise, and actively developing marketable new products based on the market, the research and development work of the technology center and the company's rapid development The development of matching, not only enhances the quality of the products, but also strengthens the company's dominant position in the industry competition.

  Second, the technical center organization and construction

  The dangerous peak machine tool enterprise technology center was established in the late 1980s. In 1993, it was approved by the national technology center. In 2003, it was transferred to Guizhou provincial technology center. After years of construction and continuous improvement, it has now a complete organizational structure (see the figure below), providing organizational guarantee for the development of technological innovation. There are nearly 100 people in the center, including more than 70 technicians, and more than 50 designers with intermediate and senior professional titles. Among them, there are a number of high-level CNC roll grinders, centerless grinder experts and technical backbones. A research and development team with a reasonable age structure and a reasonable knowledge structure.

  Third, the technical center system construction situation

  The basic management system of the technical center is implemented in accordance with the Q/XFG13-97 dangerous peak machine tool enterprise standard, and fully clarifies and clarifies the basic functions and management system of the center. Over the years, through a series of supplements and improvements to the management system of the technology center, the technology management of the technology center has been embarked on a scientific, standardized and institutionalized path. It has supplemented and perfected the recruitment, recruitment, assessment, trial system, final elimination system, technology center performance bonus distribution system and technology innovation project establishment management system of scientific and technological personnel, and formed a fair, just and perfect incentive mechanism and distribution system. Encourage scientific and technological personnel to actively invest in innovation and encourage the improvement of innovation consciousness.

  In the area of ​​talent reserve and training, the center regularly invites industry experts to come to the factory to carry out technical exchanges, and at the same time select designers to go to universities and famous enterprises at home and abroad to receive professional training.

  The technical committee based on the technology center has been established for many years. The technical committee has gathered experts from relevant enterprises and major professional and technical experts. It has carried out irregular work on technical topics such as enterprise technology innovation strategy, product development planning, product testing and research. Technical consultation, demonstration and evaluation work. Prepare feasibility study report, detailed market analysis report and corresponding product proposal and plan task book for enterprise technology reserve project and major development project (including provincial and municipal technology innovation projects).

  The key technology intellectual property rights in product development have always been a link that enterprises attach great importance to. They have successively obtained more than 40 invention patents, utility model patents and trademark registrations issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and its branches. : 4 national invention patents, the company's independent technology accounts for more than 60% of the leading product roll grinders and centerless grinders.

  Fourth, cooperation and innovation

  Over the years, our technical center has always adhered to the implementation of the technology research and development innovation model combining production, education and research, respectively with the Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Guangzhou Machine Tool Research Institute, Beijing Aerospace University, Chongqing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Guizhou University and other research institutes. The school cooperated to carry out the research topic of the key technology of CNC grinding machine series, which laid the foundation for the independent development of the dangerous peak CNC machine tool.

  At the same time, the technical center has maintained close contact with Baosteel, Shougang, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Southwest Aluminum Processing Plant, Dingsheng Aluminum Company, Nanjing Marine Machinery Factory, Nanshan Aluminum Industry, Shandong Chenming Paper, Siemens, Rexroth and other large enterprises through consulting services. Keep abreast of the actual needs of these industry-represented key users, discuss the latest developments in foreign advanced technologies, fully communicate and communicate the problems existing in the company's products, and effectively promote the continuous development and progress of the company's technological innovation capabilities.

  V. Infrastructure and information construction

  After years of construction, the enterprise technology center laboratory has begun to have a certain experimental research and development basis. The electrical laboratory has a complete set of professional and standard machine tool box installation and debugging equipment, which can complete the assembly of nearly 100 roll grinders and centerless grinder electric boxes every year. And commissioning work; Siemens CNC system operation training platform has been built for many years, responsible for technical training for user operators; machine tool laboratory has a set of simple roll grinder grinding head debugging platform, responsible for grinding head operation and experimental work.

  In recent years, with the continuous development of computer and network technology, the enterprise technology center has shortened the product design and development cycle to meet the requirements of the national manufacturing informationization strategy, and organized the implementation of CAD/CAPP/BOM/CAM/PDM/OA/ERP. The construction of the information management network system, which is the main content, has successively added a number of advanced and perfect testing equipments such as dual-frequency laser interferometer and three-coordinate machine, with an accumulated investment of more than 10 million yuan. Thanks to the realization of modern management such as CAD/CAPP for enterprise product development, a network platform for product development has been established, thereby realizing the sharing of product development information resources, which has greatly improved the infrastructure and working environment of the technology center, and has a CNC grinding machine. The complete system of process equipment and services required for product design and development, inspection and measurement, further improve the technical efficiency, technological innovation capability, market competitiveness and enterprise management level of the technology center, in order to better fulfill the increasingly heavy product development tasks. , created favorable conditions.

  Project achievements

  For a long time, in order to improve the technological content of enterprise products, enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, enhance the grade of products, strengthen the competitiveness in the market, and continue to maintain the leading position of the brand in China, it has completed through self-development or cooperation in production, education and research. XF-125×60 large-scale CNC cylindrical grinding machine, special grinding machine for XF-80×25 rear axle outer end face, MK8463A/MK84250/MK8440A/MK8420 CNC roll grinder, 3MK6025/MK1020 CNC centerless grinder, etc. National, provincial and municipal level Development tasks for technology innovation program projects. More than 40 national patent certificates have been obtained for the key technologies of leading products, and more than 50 new products have been successfully developed. The output rate of new products is over 10%. These high-tech products have occupied a large advantage in the same industry, not only bringing good economic benefits to the enterprise, but also providing the country with excellent technical equipment. It is the image of the people who are continually pioneering and innovative. All-round, and effectively enhance the company's market competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities.

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